Tile Trend – for all your tiling needs

Our promise to you

Our focus is you the customer – our aim to give great customer service and offer value for money without compromising on quality. There are no gimmicks or hidden extras – our pricing policy is one of value for money from the start.

Good design is simple

Whatever your project the choice of design is important. By looking at the five simple rules you can make your project come together using our tiles with unbelievable results.

Splashes of colour – minimal tones – how do you get the right combination

Using the basic rules of colour theory and the colour wheel you too can combine all the right colours to get the look you desire. Colours do not stop with the tiles look at our extensive range of coloured grouts to build into your design to either match or contrast with your chosen tiles.

Can’t find what you want? Just pick up the phone and ask!

We can source many tiles that don’t appear in our range through our ability to use our unrivalled access to the extensive ranges available from our suppliers. Whilst we aim to cover most design ideas we can not always get every idea in to our showroom so if you have a specific requirement then we can normally find what you need to order.